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Sebastian’s One Month Update

Sebastian’s One Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 1 month old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 1 month old. (10/01/16-11/01/16)

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Sebastian’s Birth Story

Before I gave birth to Reese, I had very few pre labor signs like Braxton’s hicks or real contractions, but with this pregnancy, I had plenty of Braxton hicks contractions. We had been told that second babies tend to come earlier and faster than the first babies so it was hard not to be nervous about having him too early where we couldn’t have someone watch Reese in time or too fast where we had a car birth. So we tried to plan as much as we could for an event that really cannot be planned. This was the only...

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Cloth Diapering on a Budget

So we have been cloth diapering Reese since she was around two months old. We chose to use disposable diapers while she fit into newborn and size 1. The main reason behind that is I didn’t want to have to buy newborn size cloth diapers that we would need a ton of, and I would be washing all the time. If you have never had a baby or newborn, they pee a lot, and lots of times tiny amounts. However, you don’t want them in their own pee or poo otherwise they will get diaper rashes so we went through...

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Day in the Life Post 4

Life changes so often with a baby/toddler as they age. Here is another Day in the Life post of what our schedule looks like with a 15 month old kid. 6:20am – Wake up, Reese slept in. Bring her into our room as we all cuddle. Try to get grant to wake up. 6:40am – Change Reese’s diaper and offer her milk in sippy cup. 6:50am – Grant showers while I make breakfast and Grant’s lunch since I made Reese’s the night before. Start washing a load of diapers. 7:15am – Grant is ready for work, and we say good...