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Harry Potter Cooking Club

In October, it was my turn to host cooking club. This is a fun monthly get together that a few girls from our church and other friends in Huntsville go to. The host can either pick a restaurant to “host” at since a lot of us have younger kids and cleaning your house is more stressful these days, and those who want to attend RSVP, just attend like a girl’s night out. If you as the host decide to host at your house, you can pick a theme if you want, and then you can also pick all of the...

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Healthy Vegan Treats

My dad has been eating Vegan for a while, and when my parents came for a visit they brought a bunch of these treats for him to snack on. I tried them and thought they were super yummy. Since I can’t eat lots of diary with Reese, I will make these occasionally since they are very grab and go!  I hope you enjoy them. First add your ripe bananas to your bowl. Then add your old fashioned oats. Next add your chopped dates. I added craisins next. Then add the chopped nuts of your choice, I did pecans here. Add your dash...

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Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

My sister, Tanya, introduced me to this great breakfast casserole recipe that her friend gave her. It is a great dish to make when hosting since it is yummy and easy to throw together. My only annoyance at the recipe, is that it always has to cook longer than the directions say in order for there not to be ANY runny stuff in it. Grant is very picky, so I would sometimes have to bake it over an hour to make sure it was the consistency that he liked. So, I decided to try it in the crock pot one time,...

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DIY Lemon Lara bars

One of my favorite snacks recently has been Larabars, they are very simple with no added preservatives or sweeteners and taste really good. They are pretty pricey to buy at around$1.15+ a bar unless you can find a good deal. I normally just make my own, so below is how I do it.

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French Toast Scramble

For the last few months, Grant and I have been eating the same breakfast almost everyday. If I am making him a warm breakfast, Grant will eat almost anything without complaint since he isn’t doing the work. This breakfast has just been hitting the spot for me since it is really filling, isn’t bad for you, and has a little bit of a sweet taste to it. Below are my step by step directions for making French Toast Scramble.

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Menu Week #1

Sorry about the silence lately, we have been having issues with our blog host, and poor Grant has spent hours with “live chat” customer support, and anyone else he can get a hold of. Eventually I think we have it figured out,but wish it hadn’t been such a hassle for him. Oh well. Starting in January, I have been trying to do a better job of not wasting food, not going grocery shopping more than 2 times a week, and having an actual meal plan. It is very easy to make a meal plan,but it actually takes you sitting on...