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Amazing Peanut Butter Nutella Shake!

Grant and I don’t buy ice cream much because if we do we eat it. I was really wanting a peanut butter milk shake but was reminded again that no place can compare to the Swenson’s peanut butter milkshake. Since we aren’t in Ohio, we decided to make our own. I can only thank Grant for his pure genius.

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Keto Iced Coffee

So I understand that this post might seem kinda “Duh” to most people,but when Grant and I first started eating Keto we realized that the way we normally drank coffee wasn’t really gonna cut it with Keto. I had searched online for a good post with ingredients and ratios and didn’t find any that I liked the taste of. ¬†We were making full blown lattes before starting our diet. I used to work at Panera and enjoy the process. So, I would steam milk and add in Torani syrup and coffee. It tasted great, when we didn’t do lattes we...