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What I have been Sewing Lately

I really enjoy sewing randomly, but sometimes it is a pain. Mainly because I constantly have to take down  or set up sewing machine, serger, ironing board, iron,etc. First world problems I know; Grant is so patient with how messy it gets when I sew because threads and needles end up everywhere. I have been trying to organize our clothing and one of the things we did is take a bunch of our t shirts that we never wear and put them into a bin where I plan to practice certain sewing to get the hang of it. So, if...

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Christmas 2013 in Houston

This year we were blessed enough to be able to go to Houston for Christmas to be with my Family. Every year we switch off for Christmas, so last year we were in Ohio and all of my siblings that are married were with their in-Laws, and this year we all got together with my parents. Whenever this happens there is always mass chaos which just happens when you have around 22 people trying to coordinate food, gifts, sleeping arrangements, and activities.  Grant and I were sad not to be able to see Bryan, Amanda, and Gail as well as...