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How to keep Gel Nails from Breaking or Peeling

I have been using DIY Gel Nail kits for around a year now, and I still love them just as much as when I bought my first kit. I have gotten a ton better at painting my nails and making them look good then in the very beginning,but that is just how it goes. I still had issues though with my nails breaking or the polish peeling up. I take vitamins, and have strong nails,but the corners would sometimes chips or slightly bend which would cause the polish to come off of the nail. So here is how I found out how...

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CND Shellac Nail Review

I did a Gel Nail Polish Review HERE about all the different polishes and which are my favorite. One of the commenters asked me if I had tried the CND brand. I am in no way paid by any of these companies; I am just a random person who wants to find the product that works the best for me. So I saved up and bought CND Shellac Base Coat, CND Shellac Top Coat, OPI Bond Aid, and CND Color Coat, Masquerade. I also read a review HERE from one of my favorite bloggers, and she also uses the CND brand and says...

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DIY French Tip Gel/Shellac Nails

I have always been a sucker for the french tipped nail look. There are many ways that you can get this look with gel nails. I know that Sensationail sells their own kit that has white tips that get stuck on, and I have seen people do it successfully.  I however tried it and couldn’t get one single nail to work. So, below is how I do this look, it takes a little longer,but for me it is totally worth it.

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DIY Gel or Shellac Nails

This will be a funny post and a lot of people won’t be interested,but that is ok. Growing up I was always most self conscious of my nails. I never liked the short squat shape, that I had horrible cuticles, and nail beds that ended really low so there is a lot of white on the top of my  nails when they grew out. When I was younger we never painted our nails mainly because I didn’t know how and when I did they looked terrible and I’m sure we always made a mess.