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Smirnoff House Party

I was lucky enough to be picked for another House Party this time for Smirnoff. This is where the company gets advertisement because you use their products, and normally give you their product or coupons to buy them for when you host your party. I have done two other House Parties before that you can read about here House Party #1 & House Party #2. I invited a ton of people but it was last minute and it was on a holiday weekend so we ended up only having two people come but it ended up being the perfect amount.

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Benefit Cosmetics House Party

I was lucky enough to be chosen by benefit cosmetics! A house party is where they send you their products for free, you invite your friends over and show them their products. There are samples that they get to take home and they are able to try out the products without feeling pressured to buy anything.

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Elana’s Baby Shower

I was finally able to help host another shower on March 3rd for Elana who is another girl in my young married’s group. There are SO many couples pregnant right now, but this was one of the few showers I finally asked early enough about to be able to help. Anyway, all of us girls did different parts of the shower, and I think it turned out very nice. This was the weekend right before Grant left for Chicago for training for work, so this weekend was VERY busy. Right after the shower, I had Ally’s birthday party to go...

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Minecraft Birthday Party

Beth’s husband, Nick, was turning 30, and Beth wanted to throw him a birthday party,but Nick, like Grant wasn’t into surprise parties. So, Beth figured that if it is a surprise party, then at least it could be a lan party. So, Beth and I worked out the finer details of the party. We were able to use a room in the church for it, and the party started at noon and I think the guys were leaving around 9:30pm that night. Normally lan parties last over night,but since all the people attending had wives and some of them children,...

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Chocolate Covered Oreos

For Ashley’s Baby Shower, a while ago, I was asked to make chocolate covered oreos. There is a really easy way, where you can just dip the oreos in chocolate and place them on a sheet to dry. The only thing I don’t like about this method, is that I feel they don’t look perfect enough. Now don’t get me wrong there are times when look doesn’t matter,but for this baby shower we wanted everything as close to perfect as we could get.

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Ashley’s Baby Shower

I was finally able to help host my first baby shower. I was wanting to help host one sooner,but so many people had already volunteered that there was never room until now. I was able to help host Ashley’s Baby shower who just had her baby Ruby! I had a great group of girls that I was working with, and most of them had already hosted a shower so it was nice to hear what had and hadn’t worked before at a shower. We got our inspiration from here. Our theme was Bubbles or Pop, and so we incorporated as...