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How we Reinforced our Ikea Drawers

So we currently have an Ikea dresser which has held up very well considering we bought it used. We have wanted to build ourselves some real wooden bedroom furniture,but for a while we didn’t know where we would be living or how much room we would have whenever we did get a house. So, now that we have a house, we still plan to build ourselves new bedroom furniture. However, our current set still functions very well, so we haven’t really gotten to that point since there are so many other things that are a higher priority for us. Our...

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Fun House Updates

Here are some of the fun updates that we have done around our condo to make it function better for us, and to make me happy…cause I’m crazy and certain things drive me crazy.

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DIY Laundry Detergent

Grant and I have been making our own laundry detergent for the past 3 years now. We both really like it, and let me tell you, Grant is super picky about laundry detergent. We make one batch once a year and then slowly use it up. Below are the ingredients and instructions that you need to make it.

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Repotting Plants

I have two house plants at the moment. I cannot say that I have a black thumb because my peace lily is a few years old now, and I haven’t killed it yet. Honestly, I am surprised I haven’t,but I’m not complaining since they are pretty hardy. It hasn’t died yet and has bloomed each year. I then branched out and got a Fiddleleaf Fig Tree Ficus that you see on all the blogs because they are just so pretty. I couldn’t find one ANYWHERE here. I called every nursery, home depot, and lowes to no avail, so I ended up...

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Going Paperless & Home Inventory

We recently started two tasks that might seem crazy to some and are definitely very daunting when first starting. Whenever organizing, I feel like things have to get worse before they can get better. So anyway, we have decided to scan all of our papers that we are storing onto our server and off site back up so we can get rid of our paper copies. There are some things that we will keep,but they will be very few.