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DIY Crib Liner For Solid End Cribs

So, I never registered for crib bumpers for Reese. A lot of people are against them because they say a child can suffocate because of them or a whole other plethora of reasons. If I had a set, I probably would have used them when Reese was around 3-4 months old. Reese was very mobile, and could easily move her head so suffocation was something I wasn’t worried about,but a nice simple set runs about $40. I didn’t want to pay that kind of money for something used so shortly. I know I could find them used for cheaper,but it...

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How to Mark Baby Clothes

Two of my sisters have had kids/babies already, and both have given me things that they don’t use or need anymore. My sister Kira brought over Boxes of clothes that our little girl can borrow which is a huge help as we don’t have many good thrift stores around this area, people on craigslist try to charge more for used clothes than they ever paid, and borrowing from our church group won’t work because most of them are having their second kids at the same time as we are having our first, so they need to use those clothes. I’m so...

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Sewing Gifts

Before our little one arrives, I wanted to get a few sewing items out of the way so I didn’t have to worry about them later. Also, both of these family members had birthdays before she was due, and I didn’t want them waiting half the year for me to finally get cracking and sew them their stuff. I also had a complete pregnancy brain moment, and forgot to take any pictures of the stuff I made, but both people sent me pictures without me even having to ask which was awesome!

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DIY K’Tan Wrap

When we had to make a baby registry, one of the things I did is ask my sisters about carriers, wraps,etc. My sister ,Kira, has a Ktan wrap, and I was able to wear my niece in it last year when she was just a few months old. I really like the simplicity of the wrap, and I hope that our little one likes it as well.  I also was given a moby wrap and an ergo 360 carrier that I plan to use as well. My biggest issue with the ktan wrap was the cost when we needed so many...