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Cloth Diapering on a Budget

So we have been cloth diapering Reese since she was around two months old. We chose to use disposable diapers while she fit into newborn and size 1. The main reason behind that is I didn’t want to have to buy newborn size cloth diapers that we would need a ton of, and I would be washing all the time. If you have never had a baby or newborn, they pee a lot, and lots of times tiny amounts. However, you don’t want them in their own pee or poo otherwise they will get diaper rashes so we went through...

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DIY Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Last year for Halloween, we knew that we(as in I) wanted to dress Reese as an Ewok. I already had part of the costume, and so that made me decide to do a whole family Star Wars Theme for our Costumes. I decided this before even knowing that there was another movie coming out. Below are links to the tutorials I followed to make our costumes, and some pictures of the process.

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How to Mark Baby Clothes

Two of my sisters have had kids/babies already, and both have given me things that they don’t use or need anymore. My sister Kira brought over Boxes of clothes that our little girl can borrow which is a huge help as we don’t have many good thrift stores around this area, people on craigslist try to charge more for used clothes than they ever paid, and borrowing from our church group won’t work because most of them are having their second kids at the same time as we are having our first, so they need to use those clothes. I’m so...

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Sewing Gifts

Before our little one arrives, I wanted to get a few sewing items out of the way so I didn’t have to worry about them later. Also, both of these family members had birthdays before she was due, and I didn’t want them waiting half the year for me to finally get cracking and sew them their stuff. I also had a complete pregnancy brain moment, and forgot to take any pictures of the stuff I made, but both people sent me pictures without me even having to ask which was awesome!

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Little Kids Boots with a Real Sewable Sole

I was wanting to find a product to use on homemade baby/kid/toddler shoes that is a real sole, but is very thin, flexible, and sewable with a normal sewing machine. The main reason is that after a while, leather moccasins can become worn and slippery so I wanted an option that I could use when traction is needed. After a ton of research online, I finally found the product I was looking for!