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What I have been Sewing Lately

I really enjoy sewing randomly, but sometimes it is a pain. Mainly because I constantly have to take down  or set up sewing machine, serger, ironing board, iron,etc. First world problems I know; Grant is so patient with how messy it gets when I sew because threads and needles end up everywhere. I have been trying to organize our clothing and one of the things we did is take a bunch of our t shirts that we never wear and put them into a bin where I plan to practice certain sewing to get the hang of it. So, if...

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On the weekend we were in Nashville for Alana’s Baby dedication, Kira and I went to Goodwill to try and make a costume for Alana. Kira had found THIS blog post where she explained that people put such cute costumes on small babies only to not see the outfit because they are in their stroller or carrier. The method is you get a stuffed animal that looks clean that is the size of your baby, and cut the head off, remove a lot of the stuffing, and fit the “body” to your carrier. Then add a hat into the head...

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Birthday Gifts

September is a crazy month for birthdays! Two of my sisters have their birthdays, my sister in law has her birthday, and my cousin’s wife does too. Well a lot more family members do as well,but these are the ones that I try to make gifts for. In our family, we don’t really give birthday gifts to each other officially, so when I have something that I think someone will like, it is fun to make and give. Since it really is a surprise especially since it isn’t expected.