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Sewing Gifts

Before our little one arrives, I wanted to get a few sewing items out of the way so I didn’t have to worry about them later. Also, both of these family members had birthdays before she was due, and I didn’t want them waiting half the year for me to finally get cracking and sew them their stuff. I also had a complete pregnancy brain moment, and forgot to take any pictures of the stuff I made, but both people sent me pictures without me even having to ask which was awesome!

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DIY K’Tan Wrap

When we had to make a baby registry, one of the things I did is ask my sisters about carriers, wraps,etc. My sister ,Kira, has a Ktan wrap, and I was able to wear my niece in it last year when she was just a few months old. I really like the simplicity of the wrap, and I hope that our little one likes it as well.  I also was given a moby wrap and an ergo 360 carrier that I plan to use as well. My biggest issue with the ktan wrap was the cost when we needed so many...

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Family Visiting for Baby Shower

Grant and I have felt so loved and blessed by how supportive and loving our families have been toward us and our baby. We have already been thrown one shower in Austin, TX that was wonderful and a lot of my family got to come attend that one.  So this last weekend, was my Huntsville shower. My Mother-in-Law Gail flew in from Ohio, my Cousin-in-Law Sarah drove from South Carolina, and my Sister Kira, Brother-in-Law Andrew, and Niece Alana drove down from Tennessee. It was so wonderful to have family at this shower, and I really just wanted them to...

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Little Kids Boots with a Real Sewable Sole

I was wanting to find a product to use on homemade baby/kid/toddler shoes that is a real sole, but is very thin, flexible, and sewable with a normal sewing machine. The main reason is that after a while, leather moccasins can become worn and slippery so I wanted an option that I could use when traction is needed. After a ton of research online, I finally found the product I was looking for!

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Austin Visit and my Harry Potter Baby Shower

So in the beginning of January, in the middle of trying to buy our house, I got to go visit Austin. We had my tickets bought for a while, so the timing wasn’t the best for the house stuff, but Grant managed to handle doing most of the stuff without me. Our realtor said he seemed more frazzled since I prefer to handle most detailed planning things,but he did a great job! This was my first visit to Austin in 2 YEARS which is insane to say,but boy did I love being back and getting to see so many friends...

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How to Make a Pregnancy Pillow Cover

I was told that having a pregnancy pillow can be a life saver when you really start to get bigger. I wanted to have one,but not pay a lot of money for it. I was very interested in this Leahco Snoogle pillow, but I wasn’t a fan of the price. So, when I found one through a local facebook group, I decided to buy it used for $20 than new for $55. I know some people are really against a pillow used, so this part is whatever you prefer. I washed the pillow and the case it came in, but...