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It is no surprise that I love most Mexican foods, I’m not a fan of mole or tamales,but enchiladas, burritos, tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas are some of my favorite foods. is a classic enchilada recipe that our friend made for us when we had Reese as a newborn. She was kind enough to share it with me.

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Living Room & Foyer Update

We have slowly been working on updating different areas of our house. Having a young child, lack of excess money, and lack of excess time are the main reasons that the updates take us so long. Also, there are always other things that need to be done, and honestly, sometimes it is hard to be motivated to do anything once your little one is in bed. However, here is the update of our living room and foyer update.

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Camping Fail

In December 2015, we decided we wanted to go on a camping trip. We kept having issues with the weather being too warm, and so we picked a weekend in early December. The plan was for us to do a trial run from Friday to Saturday, and then the Fleshmans would meet us for the whole day Saturday and stay through Sunday for Alana’s first camping trip. We decided to go to a camp ground that was very close to our house around 30 minutes away with traffic for the case that things didn’t work out. We had never been...

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Playground Fun

When Reese was 11 months old, we took her to a new to us playground here in town. Here are some of the cute pictures of that day; we decided to take her because she seemed old enough to get more use out of this playground than before when she was younger.

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Halloween 2016

This year for Halloween, we decided to keep things a little bit more low key. We decided to buy Reese’s costume as well as not have Grant or I dress up since we figured having a newborn was a good enough excuse. Our church has Trunk or Treat, but we ended up skipping because it started past Reese’s bedtime,but we are hoping next year we can make it. Reese’s school had a Halloween program and trick or treating in the school as well so Sebastian and I joined the fun.

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Sebastian’s Birth Story

Before I gave birth to Reese, I had very few pre labor signs like Braxton’s hicks or real contractions, but with this pregnancy, I had plenty of Braxton hicks contractions. We had been told that second babies tend to come earlier and faster than the first babies so it was hard not to be nervous about having him too early where we couldn’t have someone watch Reese in time or too fast where we had a car birth. So we tried to plan as much as we could for an event that really cannot be planned. This was the only...