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Two Nice Celine Phantom Bag Knock Offs

This will be a post completely about purses, so if this doesn’t interest you, sorry and please skip reading this! I was wanting to find a knock of Celine bag since I can’t afford or justify spending $3,000+ on a purse. It is hard to find reputable companies that sell knock offs. There are places claiming to sell the real thing which is really a knock off but still over priced or it is a scam. I finally found two websites that had lots of reviews from blogger and youtubers. These bags aren’t marketed as knock offs,but look pretty close...

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How to Fix a Leather Purse Strap

This post has been a long time in coming, I don’t own a lot of purses because I want the ones I do have to be good quality and to last a while. I used to buy really inexpensive purses,but after having to replace them multiple times a year I decided that I would invest in a real leather purse so that it would hold up better. So, to the clearance section of the Coach outlet store I went. I found this green purse, and I used it exclusively for over 2 years. The only thing that started to wear...