>>See On Amazon<<< Fender guitars are the most popular (and expensive) models in the musical space. Excellent condition. The short scale one is 30", and is advertised everywhere for $179.99. This one is a cheaper import version that is great for kids who are starting, or people with smaller hands, or even if someone just wants a great small bass to noodle around with. The Squier Bronco Bass is great for guitarists who occasionally need a bass, for younger beginners, for smaller players or for anyone who likes the feel of a short-scale (30") bass. This is a great little bass for a child to start on or as a backup/practice bass. Very good condition Fender Squier Affinity Bronco 4-string bass. If you're a younger player, a beginner, or are just looking for a bass with a shorter reach, then check out the Squier Bronco electric bass. Super Glass Repair, Lakeland College Baseball Coach, Valplast Hot Water, Things To Do Near Louisville Slugger Museum, Navy Song Lyrics, Sloth Coloring Page Pdf, Thai Ridgeback For Sale 2020, Scholarship For Masters In Architecture In Germany, Samsung Galaxy A51 5g Uw Reviews, Char-broil The Big Easy Manual, " />
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