"Gee, no one saw THAT coming. kotlc keeper of the lost cities keefe sencen sophie foster dex dizznee linh song tam song biana vacker fitz vacker iggy kotlc imp sheet fanart. Girl best friend, childhood friend, crush supporter. ", Linh: *snatches envelope from Tam* "Oh, give me that. Thanks to Tam's rude parents, Tam also has a weakness of NO one to help him. Tell me which one I should write first. Tam Song (Tam Song[1]) is a secondary character in the Keeper of the Lost Cities Series. Yes make no mistake this is a KOTLC story but unlike anything I've ever seen, it is set in Great Britain circa 1784 directly after the revolution. ", Tam: "No I don't! One of his weaknesses is Linh. We had NO IDEA Marella had a crush on Tam. *Majorly blushing*, Keefe: "So your face just decided to look like a tomato today? Linh is a Hydrokinetic, meaning she has the power to manipulate the element of Water. Do I have to go first. And Sophie Foster is a new student, struggling to rise up the ranks of the competitive Academy. keeper of the lost cities kotlc fitz vacker sophie foster shannon messenger keefe sencen dex dizznee tam song linh song biana vacker team foster keefe 10 notes Nov 27th, 2018 Open in app Tam, not wanting her to face banishment on her own, decided to follow her to Exillium even though had done nothing wrong. So when Sophie's name comes up, no one says anything. The entire group: Tam Song, Biana Vacker, Dex Dizznee, Sophie Foster, Fitz Vacker, Keefe Sencen, and Linh Song, has received their match list and are meeting up to discuss it. keeper of the lost cities kotlc fanart kotlc kotlc sophie kotlc linh kotlc tam kotlc keefe tam song linh song keefe sencen kotlc kam kotlc solinh sophie foster … Qualities you look for in your perfect match are... um... guys, do I have to read this, seriously? The one who'd met the twins in Exillium. dumb bitch — #1 tam song stan. Reblog. 699 Nov 26 2016. She often has trouble keeping her ability under control due to the fact that she has never received proper training, and this in turn has led her to fear it. Unfollow. kotlc fitz vacker keeper of the lost cities sophie foster legacy shannon messenger keefe sencen dex dizznee biana vacker tam song linh song 20 notes Dec 12th, 2019 Open in app His original last name is Tong, but due to his families musical past, it was changed to Song. Her needs always come before his, as he's expressed several times to Sophie. … See more ideas about lost city, the best series ever, memes. Open it." Fandoms: KOTLC!!!! ", Sophie: "That's adorable!!!! You guys are freaking me out a little. KOTLC: MATCHMAKING LISTS AND REACTION/STORY. From $1.41. t-a-m-s-o-n-g . Ability: Hydrokinetic Personality and Traits Edit Linh Song (Sister/twin) Tam and Linh are siblings. She and Tam then melted their registry pendants and dipped the tips of their hair in. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But when MY name comes up, it's all I SHIP TIANA! The one, who supported the twin from the start. Tips of his hair are dyed with silver from his registry pendant. Tam Song is described with jagged bangs with silver tips. -Charlotte O CATS KOTLC https://www.instagram.com/p/BYwKXkuDHh9/?taken-by=sw_messenger. His original last name is Tong, but due to his families musical past, it was changed to Song. He is described as having a slightly Asian look, with olive skin. Hello, and welcome to the Song Twins Wiki! 47 notes. Tam was an act of rebellion, Linh's was to remind herself of what happens when she loses control. when i tried to do forkleman he guessed councilor bronte and then i tried to do tam, and i screwed up because i forgot all elves have blue eyes. It is a personality/looks quiz that determines what character you are most like! We all are waiting for it and I have made my own version of it TURNED INTO A STORY! I would like to see some Tam Song fan art. 21 notes. Biana invites Sophie,Keefe,Tam,Linh and Dex over for a sleepover with her and fitz! He is cautious when trusting people. kotlc kotlc tam song kotlc tam kotlc art kotlc fandom kotlc fanart art request kaeleeart. bad kotlc thoughts with catherine elves are weird kotlc keeper of the lost cities linh song tam song twins 35 notes Dec 1st, 2020 ", Biana and Tam: "What?!?" For those of you who love kotlc, we made this awesome quiz! Eh, random girls from Exillium that we don't know. source: tumblr kotlc kotlc incorrect quotes kotlc memes keeper of the lost cities tam song keefe sencen 58 notes Nov 6th, 2020 Tam Song, Kotlc. Truth or dare,Spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven! The Song Twins. ", Dex: "Because it's like the most obvious thing ever. I so ship Tiana. ", Fitz: "I most definitely DO NOT ship Tiana. Just For Fun Kotlc Keeper Of The Lost Cities Biana Vacker Tam Song Keefe Sencen ... Fitz Vacker Linh Song Maruca Endal Dex Dizznee Wylie Endal Sophie Foster Marella Redek Stina Heks Jensi Babblos Hey guys, I decided to make a which kotlc character are you quiz, ik there's a … ", Tam: "Sophie. Biana Vacker is the most popular model, surrounded by crowds of friends and fans alike. ", Linh: "Alright. we can rant about the lack of rep in it or how awesome tam song is,, Okay, so I have a couple ideas for KOTLC fanfics. kotlc keeperofthelostcities kotlc rp tamsong linhsong. Linh Song. Tam did it as a protest because he hated living in his father's glittering prison. kotlc tamsong. 6 quotes have been tagged as tam-song: Shannon Messenger: ‘Tam's shadow fell over hers, and he shadow-whispered, I'm trusting you. *grins at him*, Tam: *rips open his envelope and starts reading* "Uh... Congratulations Tam Song, you have received your match list. He has disliked Keefe Sencen ever since Keefe refused to let Tam take a reading of him. Twin (in roleplay): @Lihn-song. ", Sophie: "Seriously Fitz, how did you not see that coming. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; … Fun facts about me. ", Keefe: "Hey Bangs Boy, who are you calling a wimp? hi,,, so hypothetically,,, if i made a discord server where we could rant about kotlc,,, would you join??. Tam Song love story EVEN DEX GOT ONE BECAUSE HE DECIDED HE WOULD USE IT TO SEE WHO -NOT- TO BE WITH, THOUGH HE MIGHT CHANGE HIS MIND THOUGH *wink*, Dex, Fitz, and Keefe: *lean over her shoulder not so subtly*, Sophie: *begins to open her envelope* "Um. ", Tam: "Yeah guys, chill. Jun 6, 2019 - Explore Barny BEE Benson's board "KOTLC memes" on Pinterest. Her fears were only elevated after her banishment, which is shown when Sop… Keeper of the Lost Cities Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. so yeah here's a lil ramble by me hopefully it's interestin g? How to stream your favorites and more on Disney+Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.—Tam Song, in Neverseen The residents of the Lost Cities harshly judge elves like twins and triplets, especially when it comes to Tam's parents; thus, when Linh, then a fledgling Hydrokinetic, almost flooded the Lost City of Atlantis, she was banished to Exillium. The gang is on a field trip with Foxfire High. Biana: *throws Tam across the table* Tam Song (Tam Song) is a secondary character in the Keeper of the Lost Cities Series. ", Linh: "Anyway, Biana, you're first on his list. xxkodiwolfxx . Keefe Sencen/Tam Song; Tam Song; Keefe Sencen; kotlc gang; One Shot; Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; Alternate Universe - Human; Sharing a Bed; Pining; keefe makes bad decisions; Cuddles; Ambiguous/Open Ending; Summary. A jokester and like him in most ways. By SpicyKoiMV. 9 notes Reblog. Tam actually has a crush on you. ", Sophie: *laughs* "Anyway who's going next?". Tam refuses to trust people until he takes a shadowvapor reading of them, which tells him how much darkness is in them. proud member of the eat stuff cult. 21 notes Nov 24th, 2020. kotlc kotlc fanart keeper of the lost cities tam song linh song fanart my art. ", Biana: "Great. Read Tam Song from the story KOTLC: MATCHMAKING LISTS AND REACTION/STORY! Tam: I'm pretty sure my guess is actually way better than yours. We are at a funeral We are at a funeral source: tumblr fitz vacker tam song sophie foster keeper of the lost cities kotlc kotlc incorrect quotes kotlc memes *winks*, Linh: "Yeah Tam. Shared Projects (4) View all. They are shown to have a loving, teasing relationship, although Tam is protective of Linh. Kotlc Quotes Quotes tagged as "kotlc" Showing 1-30 of 103 “I would rather be punished for making the right decision than live with the guilt of making the wrong one for the rest of my life.” Fitz: Tam, I cannot stress this enough. Gael, the one who had a crush on Tam from the start. Tagged as: rogue one fucked me up tam tam song emo tam keefe keefe sencen keeper of the lost cities kotlc incorrectkotlcquotes totallycorrectkotlc incorrectkotlc incorrect quotes shannon messenger mod custardbursts source: rogue one Tbh I absolutely love the idea of Tam as a salty old cat lady . His eyes are silvery-blue, his bangs only enhancing the effects. HOW COME NO ONE EVER TOLD ME??? Manjaro I3 Config, Raccoon Burrow Identification, Fish In Scottish Lochs, Zdp-189 Steel Hardness, Ge Dryer Start Switch, Autumn In Belgium, Akg K702 Vs Dt 990 Pro Reddit, Get Number Of Rows And Columns In 2d Array Java, Sweet Briar Vs Dog Rose, Ticket Status Codes, " />
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