Keto Pancakes


Of course you can count on us to make some Keto Pancakes! I have been craving them for such a long time since starting this diet,but we are not allowed to have oat flour and cottage cheese has a lot of carbs so I needed an alternative. Here is the recipe that I came up with.

DSC_8249Have a blender Vitamix 1829 Pro 300 Onyx Countertop Blender ready to mix your ingredients.

DSC_8251I preheat my skillet so by the time the ingredients are ready it is the temperature I want. I cook these on medium heat.


I used the following ingredients, either almond flour or almonds, eggs, and cream cheese.


Put a hand ful or two of almonds in your mixer.


Once you have flour measure it out.


I wanted a cup of each ingredient so 1 cup of almond flour.


I put the flour back into the Vitamix, added the whole brick of cream cheese since it is 8 oz.


Measure out 1 cup of eggs.


Add that to the mixer.


And blend to a nice batter, you can make any amount of these since 1 cup of everything was a little bit more than we could eat in one sitting.


I put the batter into this container, and used my mini ladle to measure out the pancakes.


I sprayed the pan before each batch of pancakes so they were easier to flip.


 Don’t flip till you see the bubbles.




 It took a long time to find a sugar free syrup that tastes good, Publix and Kroger sell these, and each time I called one they said they couldn’t find them on the shelves. So, finally I broke down and went to the store and found it in the Pharmacy sections by the diabetic stuff.

DSC_8266The fruits of my labor, and they were really good too.

DSC_8268Butter and syrup, we had a few left over so I put them in a ziploc bag and microwaved them the next morning and they were wonderful.


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  1. February 27, 2013

    […] during our Keto diet, we have been eating mainly bacon and eggs, pancakes, or these Jalapeño Egg Muffins for breakfast. While these are all very tasty, I am a sucker for […]

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