My Knit Pencil Skirt

I have been wanting to have a knit pencil skirt for a while and keep seeing such great tutorials online for them. I finally found the one below and started looking for fabric to make some similar.

BandageStyleSkirt3Skirt Tutorial Found HERE 

But then I found fabric that looked almost identical HERE without having to do all the extra work of piecing the stripes together.


So I started with a current pencil skirt that I have and like.


Made sure I had enough elastic for the waist. I like her thick elastic more, but I didn’t want to buy more when I had some already.


I traced the first skirt on paper.


Folded it in half and cut so that both portions were symmetrical.


Laid the waist band portion and skirt on my fabric which was folded so I cut 2 pieces of each at the same time.




Cut, and then pin the actual fabric along the edges.


I serged the end of the elastic,but you can always use a zig zag stitch.


I serged both ends of the waist band as well.


Fold in half with the seam on the inside and place the elastic loop on the inside as well.


Pin the fabric above the Elastic.


So that when you sew the waist band on, the fabric not the elastic is sewn on.


I serged both sides of the skirt.


Then leaving the skirt inside out, place the waist band inside the skirt with both right sides facing each other.


Pin, making sure to push the elastic lower down.


Serge or sew the whole way around.


Turn right side out and decide how high you want to hem the skirt and pin with needles. Then hem using a double needle.


Here is the finished skirt, I didn’t do a perfect job about lining up the stripes on the sides, but honestly I didn’t really care about that.


Here is the front with my Renfrew top that I sewed a while ago.


741302_10151387329451013_1242776520_o financialfriday2

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6 Responses

  1. Aunt Sandi says:

    AWESOME!! You look adorable in this outfit. Cute as ever!

  2. Mom (Wow) says:

    You find the most cute things to sew and they look great on you. You look adorable.

  3. Briana says:

    That is adorable. Great job, and good tutorial on how you did it. What is the name of the fabric? I noticed you linked to the store, but I am having trouble finding the particular offset stripe. I would like to find some for myself, maybe even in a different color. :)

    • jrwarfield says:

      The name of the fabric is Navy Blue Nautical Flag Ponte de Roma Fabric, but now I can’t find it on that website or any right now. Maybe if you called Joanns or those places they might have it? Sorry!

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