Baby Lounger Sewing

Here is more¬†sewing that I was trying to cram in before our little one arrived. One item that I just couldn’t justify spending money on was the Boppy Lounger. It looks so nice and comfy,but the price tag was just too much. So, I bought a yard of light grey minky fabric from Walmart for $6/yard. I followed THIS tutorial, and half an hour later I had a baby lazy boy/lounger.

I used 1 yard of light grey Minky Fabric
2 cheap $3 pillows from Walmart that I used the fill from since it is the same as batting but cheaper
Left over embroidery floss for the center tuft

After following THIS blog tutorial, I spent $9 which is a pretty good deal I would say.


Here is a picture of the final product.

DSC_8331 copy

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  1. Mom (Grammie) says:

    now doesn’t Grammie’s baby girl look comfy! Good job Jessica.

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