Monthly Archive: September 2008

New Computer 0

New Computer

Warning: I am horrible at English grammar and I am A.D.D with my writing, so HA!Well we now have a new computer. It is frikin awesome! I like it at least. So the dirty specs of the computer. Well I have some pictures of the components of my computer for those of you who are visual and nerds. So here it goes.Just joking… before I get to that, I have to tell you why we got this computer seeing as how we both have a laptop each. Well my laptop is definitely dated. Still works but not for CAD or...

New Toys 0

New Toys

So Grant has been talking about getting a desktop for at least the whole summer if not longer… So, he finally got it. Once he decided to get it, and had done all his research, he bought everything for it. Here is his old case with some of his new stuff put in it already. He is doing something on his laptop, and we were both laughing at the fact that we now have two laptops and one desktop… more computers than people in our apartment… we would make Daniel and my dad proud! ;p Grant always seems to be...

Funny Things 0

Funny Things

Now that Grant and I are married, people always ask us what married life is like. I would say it is great, I mean it is more work,but when you are both trying it makes it so much better. But there have been a few adjustments which most of them are an issue because of how small of an apartment Grant and I have. We are both very happy with it, and for the money it is more than we expected, but we have one bedroom, one bathroom, and one large room that has the kitchen, living area, and desk...

Brötchen 2


I was really Craving Brötchen, and I have been looking for a good recipe, so this is the best one that I have found. I was pretty excited about it! Here is the website where I got the recipe from. They take a long time to make,but I would say they are definitely worth it!