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Funny Sayings

by jrwarfield

I try to send myself emails when the kids do funny or say funny things. Here is a random list that of ones I found in my emails.

Reese starting say, “Now Sebastian, what did you do wrong?”  When she knows he is in trouble.

Reese – Mama kannst du einen Rasenmäher für deine Beine bitte benutzen. ( Mama can you please use a lawnmower for you legs, please?)

Reese – Mama I’m Melt  (She was crying, but kept saying melt)

Reese – Chick a ley shake milk (Chick Fil A Milk Shake)

Reese – Mama look a big Sandburg(sandcastle) to a pile of dirt outside of a house that is being renovated

Reese – Mama, when I am older and am a potato, I’m going to wear a hat. (Age 2.5 She had never seen a Mr. Potato head as far as we know at this point.)

Reese – Papa, I don’t want a kiss, your face is too grumpy (grumpy- prickly or unshaven.)

(Right after we arrive at the airport after the kids and I were gone in Texas last fall)
When the kids and I made it to the airport and saw grant both kids ran toward grant yelling papa. They both ran into his arms and were so excited.  Reese kept going back for more hugs and even teared up she was so happy. It almost made us cry, and then she even commented, “Mama, I have waters in my eyes.” Meaning tears. As she was smiling at papa. It is a memory, I hope we never forget.

Sebastian – I COME, I COME (When he knows he is supposed to be coming, and he says it with a tone of exasperation as if he is rolling his eyes at me.)
Sebastian – Come Mama, Come (when he wants us to come play with him or follow him.)
Sebastian – Lecker (Yummy in German.. he uses this as a question or statement a lot)
Sebastian – Eleballap (Was how he used to say Elefanten or Elephant)
Sebastian – Eese (Reese)
Sebastian – Basti (How he refers to himself since his name is long and difficult to say)
Have a great night!

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