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Reese’s Christmas Program

by jrwarfield

Reese has a yearly Christmas program at her “School.” Last year, she was old enough to participate, but ended up being sick so we missed it. This year she was super sel et musculation excited to be able to attend even if she was sad that she couldn’t be an angel. This year, she was a shepherd in her class.

When she spotted us in our seats.

We were shocked that Reese actually participated in the singing. Normally she sits and stares around without participating in events like this. I don’t know if the big stage is what got her into it or not.


Reese and her school singing, “We Three Kings.” One boy behind her, kept bugging her, so we felt kind of bad that she had to deal with that. The girl next to her was very excited about her stick on earrings which are always a huge hit.

If you want to be crazy and watch the whole program, you can see it here. They really did learn a lot of songs, and Reese was practicing all of the time.

What was Sebastian doing you might ask, well he was happily singing along to each song. He was too young to participate, but knew the gist of most of the songs since we were singing them for months now at home.

I know she doesn’t look excited, but she LOVED her shepherd’s costume… a pillow case. 🙂

She wanted a picture with Baby Jesus, but someone already took him away. She still plays being Mary and half of her baby dolls are named baby Jesus, and they save and protect her. Slightly blasphemous, but we go with it. 🙂

She  was very sad when it was all over, and they no longer practiced for the program at school.

I hope that you have a great day.

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