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30th Birthday

by jrwarfield

I meant to write this post earlier, but life feels so busy lately especially with hour daily workouts and lots of meal prep. I do have to admit that I love our family routine lately. However, this past January, I was blessed enough to turn 30. I never grew up with extravagance at birthdays or birthday weeks as some of my friends do. I remember when growing up we got to pick dinner the night of birthday, we woke up to a few presents from our siblings most of them handmade and a gift from our parents. When we got older and had birthday parties, we mostly had them at home with cake, a bag or M&Ms scattered on the table as my dad’s version of decorating, and also a dinner my parents would make for my friends. I almost always picked Homemade Spaghetti and either a Black Forest Cake made by my mother or pies. We played lots of different German games, or had sleep overs with just a few friends when we were older. 

Now that I’m older, I would always just hope I would get a Happy Birthday wish from my family and some friends, and that was enough. One of my friends throws her own Birthday Brunch as an excuse to get together with her friends, and I had so much fun at them that I decided to host my own. One of my friends found out, and said that one was not aloud to host their own 30th Birthday Brunch. So she was amazing enough to host it at her house.  On the actual day of my birthday, I was in a pretty crummy mood. The day was very tiring and wearing, and the going out to dinner with a friend ended up falling through, and I was feeling like a failure as a mother that day due to losing my temper too often. The Friday following my birthday was my brunch. I was very excited, but wasn’t sure how it was going to go with both kids with me at the brunch.

That morning, Grant surprised me by taking the day off and watching the kids while I went to brunch alone. This was a huge treat as I got to chat and eat with my friends. I think more than 14 people came which was also wonderful. When I got my friend Lindsey’s house, I noticed a Toyota Tacoma in the drive way. I wondered whose vehicle it was since I didn’t know of any of my friends having a truck, but a few of the husbands did. I went inside to find Kira there for my brunch as a surprise. I was floored. I guess Grant, my friend Lindsey, and Kira had all planned this without my knowledge. I felt so loved and surprised to have one of my sisters there with me.

The brunch it self was wonderful. They had this silly hat for me to wear, and we had a few hours of chatting, mass chaos of the kids that were there and playing, and lots of yummy food.

After the brunch, Grant and Kira had another surprise up their sleeves. Grant watched the kids for the rest of the day so that Kira and I could go to a spa.

Kira got a facial, and She treated me to a massage. My first one ever, and it was amazing.

Kira was able to spend a little bit more time with our family hanging out until she had to head back to Nashville to pack for a business trip the following day.

Thank you Kira for being such a wonderful sister and friend. You and Andrew have been such a wonderful and positive force in our lives, and I can’t really properly express my thanks. Also Grant is always such an amazing husband and father, and the fact that he still helped do all this stuff for me on top of being stressed with work and providing for our family has been truly humbling. I also wanted to thank all of the wonderful people who have been kind, forgiving, and loving during my life as I have grown up. I have made mistakes, made a fool of myself, and learned how to love my friends and family. I still make mistakes all the time, but I am thankful to know such wonderful people.

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