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Sebastian’s Thirteen Month Update

by jrwarfield

Sebastian’s Thirteen Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Sebastian turned 13 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point he turns 13 months old. (10/01/17-11/01/17)

week 53

week 55

week 56

Sebastian got his 7th tooth on 10/9/2017, 8th tooth on 11/3/2017, and 9th tooth on 11/10/2017, 10th on 1/20/2018, 11th on 2/13/2018, 12th on 6/24/2018, and 13th&14th on 6/25/2018.

Gail came for a visit for Sebastian’s Birthday.

We went on a camping trip with friends at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.

Sebastian is getting better at using a spoon since he still turns it over in his mouth.

Sebastian is still napping once a day normally from 1:00-4:00pm, but testogel kaufen camping means a much shorter nap since it is louder, hotter, and brighter in the tent. Here is Sebastian in his pack n play and Reese on her cot.

Sebastian was really proud of himself because he could get into his chair most of the time.

Pull along toys like this alligator are all the rage these days.He loves riding in the toddler backpack because I think it is more comfortable for all parties, and he can see a lot more than the ergo at this age.

Exploring and tasting nature happens a lot too.

Sebastian always slides head first down slides and he normally does it so well, that older kids tend to try after watching him.

He LOVES animals especially dogs.

He was always keep track of the one that an acquaintance brought with them camping.

Just like with Reese, he is happier when he is outside and loves hiking.


He tends to have a serious expression as default.

He loves his dump truck that we got him for his first birthday. He loves zooming around our house, and we were so glad we brought it when we went camping.

Sebastian will literally swing for hours; we have to cut him off and tell him to go play.


Getting messy while eating doesn’t bother him.

Peekabo is a favorite game as well as stacking blocks.

We don’t let the kiddos watch much TV, but Sebastian being the second has seen more than Reese ever did at this point. He loves it and always wants a blanket if we do let them watch a TV show or movie. We try to make sure if they do watch anything that it is always in German so at least they are hearing German.

Coloring and painting are things he loves to do as well, just like Reese.

We did a very small family birthday cake eating for him just like we did with Reese. Gail came for it, Mama and Papa facetimed in, and I can’t remember why, but we didn’t make it to Nashville to do a second little celebration.


He loved his Chocolate birthday cake with peanut butter icing.

If you give Sebastian a car, blocks, books, anything he is remotely interested in, he is great at playing by himself for long periods of time. Reese is shy around other people, but when she is home with us or friends, she always wants to talk to us or have us play with her. He is also our dancer, in this picture we are at Concerts at the Dock which is free live Music, and he always dances.

He is all boy, throwing, rolling, and hitting things is what he loves. You give him a doll, and he throws it. You give Reese a truck and she puts it to bed with a blanket and pillow. 🙂

The kids had their first hotel stay this month. We had some things to do in Atlanta, and we all had to be present so they had a blast checking out the Marriot in downtown.

Sebastian slept in his pack n play, but Reese got to sleep in a big bed for the first time ever. Sebastian hit his head so many times in the hotel room from tripping on the carpet, and not noticing corners and edges. Reese was more cautious by nature when she was younger where Sebastian is more rough and tumble.

The kids had their first trip to Ikea while in Atlanta. Sebastian wants to do whatever Reese is doing, so here he is laying in her “toddler” bed. We say it was time to go to bed and he sprinted to her bed, and then later would climb into his crib with our help.

Right now I get a lot of people asking if they are twins when shopping because they are sitting down and they look close in height, but once standing there is a definite difference. Sebastian is heavier than Reese was, and there isn’t much of a difference between the two.

We have been trying on lots of hats lately since Reese has been interested in them.

Sebastian has a mean squat and can sit and play like this for a long time. I know some cultures sit like this normally, and I think it is really healthy, so I wonder if he will keep doing it later.

He is more daring with climbing and jumping off of things like at this indoor playground at a local mall.


Sebastian is very sweet. If he does something that isn’t nice like smack you, he will right away come back and gently coo at you while he strokes the area he hit once he realizes it wasn’t good to do. He always has very pale skin that can tan if we work up to it slowly. He also gets very flushed in his face when he cries or is very hot from playing outside.


He is our participator. He loves interacting with books and people and songs. Reese will do most things at home and sing songs she knows, but at story time she will stay quiet and suck her thumb or observe things around her. Sebastian is 100% participating, listening, and excited about everything. He also is more antsy and is ready to run around before a story time is even over, but he normally holds out because they do enough things to keep him engaged.

 He tolerates pictures, and has started smiling when we say cheese in German.

Sand, playing in sand can keep him happy for literal hours.

Sebastian does all of the main baby sign language signs that Reese did at this point too. Please, more, all done, drink, eat, etc. It is so helpful as well as saying more “words.”

Sebastian and I tend to be morning people, but occasionally mornings are a little slow after Grant goes to work.

I weaned Sebastian slowly this month, I used the same process as I did with Reese.

Our kids never really napped on us, but when I was transferring him from the car to his bed, I did enjoy some snuggles for a bit. We had been at Reese’s School for a program. He had such a blast, but it wore him out.

Stacking cans was his game of choice for WEEKS, and it was kind of awesome.

I always think it is funny how different our kids look. I wonder when they get older if people will be able to tell they are siblings or not.

Sebastian is an avid smoothie stealer.

Sebastian likes playing with playdoh, but prefers to tear it into into pieces and put it into a container rather than other forms of play at this point.

Even though his face doesn’t show it, he loves story time and puppet shows that they put on.

Instead of coloring a ton, he tends to quickly draw a few lines on his paper, and then proceeds to put crayons into and out of the ziploc bag they come in at the Library.

Here is his current favorite toy at library.

He is fine with grocery shopping, but gets bored quicker than Reese so occasionally I bring raisins as a snack which is big because we don’t really snack between meals.

The Thule Chariot is still a favorite. If he sees it out, he launches himself into it in hopes we are taking it on a bike ride or walk.

Whatever Reese, and our friends are doing, is what he wants to be doing.


Walking around downtown.

More Smoothie stealing.

Watching Reese “Play” the computer at which is her trying to click around and hoping something happens.

Accessorizing is always fun.

One morning he woke up really early and was super excited to be able to color in Reese’s special coloring book.

Both Kids were Gnomes for Halloween, but I think Sebastian’s Costume stole the show.

Here is Sebastian in his Gnome costume having a blast moving books.

Thanks for reading!

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