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First Trimester Recap for Pregnancy #2

Here is my first trimester recap from this pregnancy. It has definitely flown by to say the least, and having a toddler to chase around really makes being pregnant different. I honestly have no complaints,but figured I would share.

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Lord of the Rings Pumpkin

One of the couples in our young married’s group has an annual pumpkin carving contest. We attend to have fun and socialize,but never really try to win since my carving skills aren’t the best. Last year, I did a W pumpkin, and the year before that a Harry Potter Pumpkin.           It totally didn’t end up perfect,but I’m glad I at least tried to carve it. I have a feeling this next year with a newborn, we won’t be doing much carving or dressing up,but who knows.

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Harry Potter Cooking Club

In October, it was my turn to host cooking club. This is a fun monthly get together that a few girls from our church and other friends in Huntsville go to. The host can either pick a restaurant to “host” at since a lot of us have younger kids and cleaning your house is more stressful these days, and those who want to attend RSVP, just attend like a girl’s night out. If you as the host decide to host at your house, you can pick a theme if you want, and then you can also pick all of the...

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Brentwood Visit and Moving

The Fleshmans were able to sell their house and buy a new one last year. Kira and Andrew had movers that moved their things into their new house,but we came the weekend they moved in to help them unpack as well as see their new place. We (as in Grant) helped Andrew move a few of the bigger items around the house and pick up a few things that were accidentally left at the house.