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Healthy Vegan Treats

My dad has been eating Vegan for a while, and when my parents came for a visit they brought a bunch of these treats for him to snack on. I tried them and thought they were super yummy. Since I can’t eat lots of diary with Reese, I will make these occasionally since they are very grab and go!  I hope you enjoy them. First add your ripe bananas to your bowl. Then add your old fashioned oats. Next add your chopped dates. I added craisins next. Then add the chopped nuts of your choice, I did pecans here. Add your dash...

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Day in the Life Post 2

In November of last year, I did a “Day in the Life” post that you can read HERE of what my typical day is like without Reese. Below is an updated day of what my glamorous life is like with a 2 month old baby. All joking aside, I love being home with Reese. There are times I get bored or frustrated, but she just has to give me one of her gummy smiles, and I forget all the other stuff and realize how lucky I am.