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Fajita Marinade

Fajitas is a dish that never grows old – I always love eating it. Here is one of the fajita marinades that we both really like. I think it would be better with beef, but normally because of the price we stick with chicken. Also, if you have a grill this will probably make it sooo much better tasting,but since we don’t have one we make due.

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Life Lately

Here are just random photos from the last few months that I finally got together into a post.

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What I Have Been Sewing Lately

Right after our vacation to the beach, I had a huge list of things to do like organizing, finding the last minute items to wear since there were so many events to attend at the wedding. I also wanted to put together a baby shower gift for my new nephew and sister in law. I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend her baby shower since it was so close to the time of the wedding. I normally don’t make gifts for second babies, it isn’t that I love them less, it is just wayyyyyy too expensive to give that...