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Pregnancy Post – 13 Weeks

So every Monday is when I hit my new week.  So, today I start week 14,but I can’t really do an update for the week without knowing what happened so here is the update from last week which was week 13.

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Advent Calendars

I am wanting to sew myself a family advent calendar. I haven’t decided which one to make yet,but below are some of my favorites! Some have tutorials, and some are ones that can be purchased as is. I remember loving the Advent calendars that I grew up with. I’m leaning toward the second one. I just want one that I can reuse yearly. I  might change my opinion later and make another one,but there is nothing wrong with that.  I am already getting excited about the holidays. If you like Pentatonix (an all acapella group that does a modern twist...

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Labor Day

I know I am going to be playing catch up on some of these posts from a while back,but I figured better late than never. Kira and Andrew were kind enough to invite us to their house for Labor Day. Wayne, Jolene, Kelly, and Eric were also there which was a nice time to see them again.

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Pregnancy Post – 12 Weeks

I know a lot of people won’t be interested in reading these pregnancy posts which I totally understand. So I will try to keep the same title so it is very easy to skip this post if reading it isn’t interesting to you. I also plan to keep a similar layout each week just so you know what to expect. Grant likes routines so I figured might as well implement it for a few months on the blog too. So I plan to only have one picture per week, and then an update answering the same questions.  Since this is the...