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Alana & Pasta

I know Alana isn’t our kid, but Grant and I aren’t very exciting people, and Alana, Kira, and Andrew are! We went to their house in mid July to start prepping for Alana’s first birthday party. I help Kira with the invitations and “moral support” since she is amazing and can somehow do everything. Anyway, during this visit we ate really yummy pasta that Kira made, and Alana was being a goof ball so I figured we would share these pictures.

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Two Nice Celine Phantom Bag Knock Offs

This will be a post completely about purses, so if this doesn’t interest you, sorry and please skip reading this! I was wanting to find a knock of Celine bag since I can’t afford or justify spending $3,000+ on a purse. It is hard to find reputable companies that sell knock offs. There are places claiming to sell the real thing which is really a knock off but still over priced or it is a scam. I finally found two websites that had lots of reviews from blogger and youtubers. These bags aren’t marketed as knock offs,but look pretty close...

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DIY: Suede Shoes into Smooth Leather

I know the title says how to turn suede into smooth leather, but that is technically impossible because the leathers are manufactured differently. Suede is smooth leather that is ruffed up to give it the nap. Where smooth leather is just left as is, but my tutorial will show how to take a pair of suede shoes and make them look like smooth leather. I looked everywhere for a tutorial like this online, and only found people saying it wasn’t possible, or just no results at all. My mom has also done this to a few of her older pairs...

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Fajita Marinade

Fajitas is a dish that never grows old – I always love eating it. Here is one of the fajita marinades that we both really like. I think it would be better with beef, but normally because of the price we stick with chicken. Also, if you have a grill this will probably make it sooo much better tasting,but since we don’t have one we make due.