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Reese’s Six Month Update

Reese’s Six Month Update – The stats for these posts are taken on the day Reese turned 6 months old, but all of the information and content is everything up until the point she turns 6 months old. (10/11/15-11/11/15)

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Reese seems to be growing up

Jessica sent me pictures while I was at work. And it cracked me up. I guess Reese rolled to her stomach and was lifting herself with her arms. Typically we aren’t greeted in this way. It made me laugh.  Enjoy…            

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Our Little Pumpkin

I was wanting some more pictures of Reese. So since fall pictures of babies in pumpkins are all the rage, I decided we would jump on that bandwagon.  Our amazing photographer ,Grant, did all the picture taking, while I did the post processing on the computer. We both have no clue what we are doing,but we figured we would give it a go. Our “photoshoot” ended with Reese tipping herself in the pumpkin onto the bench and hitting her forehead. Poor Reese, parent of the year awards to us. :/ But she was fine a few minutes later and enjoyed her bath after this.