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Family Visiting for Baby Shower

Grant and I have felt so loved and blessed by how supportive and loving our families have been toward us and our baby. We have already been thrown one shower in Austin, TX that was wonderful and a lot of my family got to come attend that one.  So this last weekend, was my Huntsville shower. My Mother-in-Law Gail flew in from Ohio, my Cousin-in-Law Sarah drove from South Carolina, and my Sister Kira, Brother-in-Law Andrew, and Niece Alana drove down from Tennessee. It was so wonderful to have family at this shower, and I really just wanted them to...

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Family Visiting

Grant and I have been lucky enough to be able to have some of our family visit. Last month, my parents were visiting Kira, Andrew, and Alana, and then wanted to come see us. We happened to be going to Nashville that weekend, so Friday we drove up there and hung out with everyone. Then on Saturday I went and got my hair cut since I like Kim the Korean hair dresser even though I can only understand half of what she says. We stayed through dinner and headed back to Huntsville while my parents spent more time with the...