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Tacos 3

Keto Fish or Shrimp Tacos

So while living in Austin, TX I learned to love and crave some fish or shrimp Tacos. I really liked Torchy’s Baja Shrimp taco, but had some Tilapia Fillets to use up so I found a copy cat recipe online and decided to make it more Keto. This is a higher carb meal if you eat it with low carb tortillas, but could make your own, but we had a lot of carbs left over for dinner. Below is how I made them, they are a little more work,but boy are they amazing!

pork 4

KETO Teriyaki Pork

Another one of the staple recipes that we make on a regular basis is Teriyaki Pork. My sister in law showed us this dish, and we have continued to make it since. The main recipe is KETO already,but instead of using regular brown sugar, I use the splenda brown sugar mix, but one could use truvia or a different sweetener instead. I will show both versions of this recipe below.

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Asian Ramen

One of the recipes that my sister Tanya showed me, and we make on a regular basis is Asian Ramen. I think it tastes really good, and is a quick meal to make when in a hurry for dinner. You can pretty much add whatever you want,but here is a sample of what our typical additions are.

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Pasta E Fagioli

This is one of those dishes that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, Grant is weird about textures but even if something isn’t his favorite as long as there are no peas I don’t get any complaints especially since he didn’t have to cook.  I always get this soup at Olive Garden, and I think this is delicious. Grant thinks it is good,but he just isn’t a HUGE soup person. Anyway, this recipe is super easy and you can make it either in a stock pot on the stove or in a crock pot.

cuucmber 10

Our Favorite Italian Salad Dressing

I grew up very blessed with a mom who could cook amazingly well! Not only was her food yummy, from scratch, but it was also very healthy. I grew up eating one main salad dressing on most of our salads; I don’t think I tasted ranch dressing until high school. Below I show you how simple it is to make this recipe in specific amounts to make it easier since you have never tasted it to be able to make it “to taste.” This dressing can be made with olive oil rather than canola oil,but I prefer the taste of...