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Italian Cookies

This is the last dessert that I made for the family reunion. I actually made this dough at Christmas time, but it makes so many I was forced to freeze a portion of the dough and use it later. It thawed in a few hours which was super fast, and it honestly tasted just as good as the ones I had made fresh.

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Warsnick Fielder Bars

Here is the next recipe that I made for this last family reunion that Grant and I were able to attend.  This bar recipe was given to me by a previous co worker, it had another name,but I honestly can’t remember it. So our friends took to calling them Warsnick Fielder Bars.

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Chocolate Spiked Pecan Pie

Here is one of the other desserts that I made for the family reunion this last weekend. I have never been a fan of pecan pie,but this recipe for a chocolate spiked pecan pie is very good. Start with butter in the skillet or pan. Then add the white sugar. Add the brown sugar. Then add the Karo Syrup. Then take an uncooked pie shell and add a layer of chocolate chips on the bottom. For pie crust recipe click HERE! Then add a cup of chopped pecans on top of that. I prefer them chopped because it makes cutting...

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Apple Crumb Pie

This last weekend, we went to Grant’s Family Reunion in North Carolina from Friday through Sunday morning. It was a wonderful visit, and it was so nice to finally get to see all of his Mom, Sister, Brother-in-Law,  Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins again. Most of the menu was already planned since everyone there is a great cook/baker. So, I brought some desserts to add to the celebrations since all the main meals were already covered.  Also, the desserts I made traveled well so that is always a plus. So here is my apple crumb pie that I made the day...

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Pie Crust

Sorry about the long break in posting, this is not what we meant to do! We took the time and updated the blog, which changing a lot of the photos took some time, and after that we have been super busy! Memorial day weekend we took it really easy because we knew this month of June would be NON STOP for us. So on the weekend of the first we drove to Nashville to rent a pontoon boat with Kira and Andrew. Well, it looked like it was going to rain and was forecasted so we had to reschedule for...

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Christmas Gift Idea – Pie in a Jar

This year I have been trying to make as many gifts as I can without purchasing any. For some of the males in my family,I decided to make pies in a jar; if you are married to a male in my family, please don’t share so it is a surprise. Since guys are always hard to shop for unless you have a lot of money for nicer toys making them happy through their stomach seemed a good idea.