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Freezer Meals Part 2

If I still had freezer space, here are the meals that I would have made. These are meals that all work very well being frozen and then reheated.  So I thought I would share them if some I posted before didn’t sound yummy to you.

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Prepping for Baby – Freezer Meals

So one big thing that I have been trying to ready before the baby comes are freezer meals. We have Gail and my mom coming at different times to come help cook, clean, and hold the baby which will be so helpful. We also have our church making us meals for a small portion of time,but after that Grant and I will be on our own as we adjust to a family of 3. So, I wanted to try and make it so the first few weeks/months we can have a least some meals ready to make that portion easier...

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Pizza Recipe and Diary Free/Vegan Version Too!

We make homemade pizza on a pretty regular basis because Grant loves pizza, and it is a fast simple dinner. I figured I would do an updated post of how I make my pizza since my last post is pretty old, and I wanted to show a very yummy diary free/Vegan version as well. I made this for my dad who is eating vegan right now, and he really liked it too.

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Gluten Free Hazelnut Coffee Truffles

For a while now, I have been making truffles at least during the holidays. I started out hand rolling the truffles and dipping them in chocolate which works pretty well,but then I realized I could use a candy mold which I describe the process here. That worked wonderfully too,but then I found out about these truffly molds that make my life SO much easier. I bought one of the huge molds which is pretty expensive, but they have smaller versions if you prefer to make smaller batches. So here is my new system for making truffles.

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Cranberry Fluff

Cranberry fluff is a dish that I was first introduced to by Roki, Tanya’s Mother in Law. It is a side dish that she makes at Thanksgiving,but my sister Tanya and I use any excuse to make it since we both really like how it tastes. It is super easy, and you can always leave out certain portions if those don’t appeal to you.

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Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

My sister, Tanya, introduced me to this great breakfast casserole recipe that her friend gave her. It is a great dish to make when hosting since it is yummy and easy to throw together. My only annoyance at the recipe, is that it always has to cook longer than the directions say in order for there not to be ANY runny stuff in it. Grant is very picky, so I would sometimes have to bake it over an hour to make sure it was the consistency that he liked. So, I decided to try it in the crock pot one time,...