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Roasted Potatoes

When we are eating carbs, one of my favorite dishes is roasted potatoes since they are super easy and are just stuck in the oven. I like these types of sides because I can be cleaning or doing other things while they are getting ready for us to eat. Oh, and of course they are amazingly tasty.

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Baked Squash

Rachel is a lady in our young marrieds group who always has amazing food at events. This is one of the dishes that she made, and explained the steps to me. It was spicy and not that unhealthy, and all of the men there ate some since it was so good.

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Our Favorite Italian Salad Dressing

I grew up very blessed with a mom who could cook amazingly well! Not only was her food yummy, from scratch, but it was also very healthy. I grew up eating one main salad dressing on most of our salads; I don’t think I tasted ranch dressing until high school. Below I show you how simple it is to make this recipe in specific amounts to make it easier since you have never tasted it to be able to make it “to taste.” This dressing can be made with olive oil rather than canola oil,but I prefer the taste of...

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Sandi’s Pasta Salad

Not all pasta salads are the same! I was never a fan of pasta salad; at potlucks growing up, it was cold, dry or soggy, and had black olives in them. I gave it a few tries since I like noodles,but eventually gave up! Now, Grant really likes Pasta salad because his Aunt Sandi had this amazing recipe that no one could make as well as she did. I believed him but never thought twice about making it. If Grant’s mom, Gail, who is a great cook can’t make it right then I had NO chance! Well, one day I got up...

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Some Great New Recipes!!

Lately, I have been wanting to try new recipes. I have a lot of great ones from friends and family,but a lot of our favorites are pastas and things with whipping cream, and I was wanting to branch out. Here are some great ones that I came across!!!