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Kira and Andrew’s Visit

Kira and Andrew’s friends were visiting their in laws close to where we live, and they had time to stop by after that visit. I made lunch, and we just ate and talked before they headed home.

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Jessica’s Baby Shower

I finally helped host my first Baby Shower at our new church. I had attend two,but since it is a smaller church the rate of pregnancies is a little slower than it was at Westover. The crazy part of this shower is that the mother to be is called Jessica Grasham. I have never in my life me someone with the same name as me before I was married, so it was very weird designing a Baby Shower invitation with the name I had used for over 20 years.

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On the weekend we were in Nashville for Alana’s Baby dedication, Kira and I went to Goodwill to try and make a costume for Alana. Kira had found THIS blog post where she explained that people put such cute costumes on small babies only to not see the outfit because they are in their stroller or carrier. The method is you get a stuffed animal that looks clean that is the size of your baby, and cut the head off, remove a lot of the stuffing, and fit the “body” to your carrier. Then add a hat into the head...

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Alana’s Baby Dedication

Kira and Andrew invited us to Alana’s Baby dedication at their church in October which was a lot of fun to attend. At Westover, they did one big baby dedication per year for all of the babies born that year. At their church they do it at the beginning of service after each baby is a few months old.

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Gulf Shores Vacation!

Alright, so sorry about the blogging break, we went on vacation at the end of September/beginning of October, and we have been going nonstop since getting back. So, here is the post about our wonderful vacation!

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Labor Day Weekend

We have been doing a lot of trips to Nashville before and after my niece was born, and we might be hosting Gail this year for Thanksgiving and traveling for Christmas and our beach vacation. We knew we didn’t have a lot of time left in there to see Simon and Sarah,but we really wanted to make the effort to see them. We went to see them for Thanksgiving last year, and they came to use at New Years, and I saw Sarah for a few hours during Kira’s Baby Shower in June,but other than that we haven’t spent much...