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Living Room & Foyer Update

We have slowly been working on updating different areas of our house. Having a young child, lack of excess money, and lack of excess time are the main reasons that the updates take us so long. Also, there are always other things that need to be done, and honestly, sometimes it is hard to be motivated to do anything once your little one is in bed. However, here is the update of our living room and foyer update.

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Cloth Diapering on a Budget

So we have been cloth diapering Reese since she was around two months old. We chose to use disposable diapers while she fit into newborn and size 1. The main reason behind that is I didn’t want to have to buy newborn size cloth diapers that we would need a ton of, and I would be washing all the time. If you have never had a baby or newborn, they pee a lot, and lots of times tiny amounts. However, you don’t want them in their own pee or poo otherwise they will get diaper rashes so we went through...

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Painting the Smelly Closet

One of the smaller DIY projects that I worked on was painting the “smelly” closet as we called it. No matter what we tried it always had a musty smell to it. So, we decided a fresh coat of primer and paint would hopefully do the trick. This is our main linen closet, and so I was really wanting it to be useable!

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How to scrape painted popcorn ceilings and baby room update

Our whole house has popcorn ceilings except the closest because who would waste such a high quality texture in a closet?! ;p Our den has painted paneling which was then sprayed with a popcorn texture so that will be fun whenever we try to tackle it. Grant and I are not fans of popcorn ceilings, but they take a long time to get rid of at least in our house. So, I see this being a LONG journey as we slowly depopcorn our house. However, getting rid of the popcorn is very time and labor intensive,but not that costly compared...

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Phase 1 of Kitchen Updates

There are so many things that we would LOVE to change in our house, but we had to decide which things were the highest on our list of priorities with the time and money that we had. We decided that we wanted to try and update our kitchen cabinets first. We wanted to remove the corner pieces on the doors, reroute the edges, paint the doors, raise the upper cabinets, and update the hardware. Some of these things we were able to accomplish, others didn’t really get to happen, so I will explain what we were able to do, weren’t...