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How we Reinforced our Ikea Drawers

So we currently have an Ikea dresser which has held up very well considering we bought it used. We have wanted to build ourselves some real wooden bedroom furniture,but for a while we didn’t know where we would be living or how much room we would have whenever we did get a house. So, now that we have a house, we still plan to build ourselves new bedroom furniture. However, our current set still functions very well, so we haven’t really gotten to that point since there are so many other things that are a higher priority for us. Our...

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My Standing Desk for $50

I have been having weird issues with my back/shoulder. No pain, but I noticed a while ago that one shoulder was higher than the other. We were pretty sure it was from the type of purse I was carrying. So I switched to a messenger/cross body purse so it wouldn’t get worse. Two months ago, I started going once a week to this spine care specialist/chiropractor(all of the hospitals and physical rehab places only refer to him). Anyway, he looked at my shoulder and said it is an easy fix because there is no damage yet,but if I had waited...

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Our New and Improved Dining Set!

Grant and I said we weren’t a huge fan of the chairs,but they are chairs. The chairs natural coloring goes well with the green on the glass, but “we” as in I decided that a different color was needed. I bought framed art from Ikea as well, and so we decided to match that.

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Our Library Shelves

So, We are about to embark on a non-straight-wall-shelf-hanging adventure. This is at our apartment, and it is the only area we could think of to use for book storage. We are on the third floor, so this is the only are in our apartment that has a higher peak. Here is the other side where we would like it to wrap around above the door. Here are some pictures that Grant showed me after I got home, So, I don’t know why or how they did some of the what they did. So, bear with me! Grant and Simon were such...