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DIY: Suede Shoes into Smooth Leather

I know the title says how to turn suede into smooth leather, but that is technically impossible because the leathers are manufactured differently. Suede is smooth leather that is ruffed up to give it the nap. Where smooth leather is just left as is, but my tutorial will show how to take a pair of suede shoes and make them look like smooth leather. I looked everywhere for a tutorial like this online, and only found people saying it wasn’t possible, or just no results at all. My mom has also done this to a few of her older pairs...

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Glasses Fail

So a year or two ago, I got a pair of almost free glasses when costal contacts was having a deal. My old pair was an old prescription and looking terrible since the sides of them were turning white since my hair spray was messing it up. So I took the measurements off that pair and got a pair as close as possible. I had to pay shipping and for more expensive lenses because my prescription is higher,but $35 dollars for a pair of glasses was a steal to me. They lasted me long enough for me to get my money’s worth,but last week...

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How to Fix a Leather Purse Strap

This post has been a long time in coming, I don’t own a lot of purses because I want the ones I do have to be good quality and to last a while. I used to buy really inexpensive purses,but after having to replace them multiple times a year I decided that I would invest in a real leather purse so that it would hold up better. So, to the clearance section of the Coach outlet store I went. I found this green purse, and I used it exclusively for over 2 years. The only thing that started to wear...

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One way to clean Suede Shoes

I have this pair of Clark Wallabee shoes. I love them,but wish I would have gotten them in the smooth leather rather than the suede. They are to expensive for me to justify getting a different pair,but that is how it goes. I have had them since college, and I have tried to figure out how to clean them. They always have this dirty look that bothers me, and I paid 20 dollars before to have them cleaned professionally,but there isn’t much you can do to keep them clean unless you don’t wear them. I have considered dying them a...

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Fixing our Headlights

This is a kinda of random post, but Grant and I needed to go to my parent’s property in Dime Box to water trees and fix the irrigation system. So since there is a driveway and a hose, I decided it was time for my car to get a wash.