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DIY Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Last year for Halloween, we knew that we(as in I) wanted to dress Reese as an Ewok. I already had part of the costume, and so that made me decide to do a whole family Star Wars Theme for our Costumes. I decided this before even knowing that there was another movie coming out. Below are links to the tutorials I followed to make our costumes, and some pictures of the process.

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DIY K’Tan Wrap

When we had to make a baby registry, one of the things I did is ask my sisters about carriers, wraps,etc. My sister ,Kira, has a Ktan wrap, and I was able to wear my niece in it last year when she was just a few months old. I really like the simplicity of the wrap, and I hope that our little one likes it as well.  I also was given a moby wrap and an ergo 360 carrier that I plan to use as well. My biggest issue with the ktan wrap was the cost when we needed so many...

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How we Reinforced our Ikea Drawers

So we currently have an Ikea dresser which has held up very well considering we bought it used. We have wanted to build ourselves some real wooden bedroom furniture,but for a while we didn’t know where we would be living or how much room we would have whenever we did get a house. So, now that we have a house, we still plan to build ourselves new bedroom furniture. However, our current set still functions very well, so we haven’t really gotten to that point since there are so many other things that are a higher priority for us. Our...

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How to Make a Pregnancy Pillow Cover

I was told that having a pregnancy pillow can be a life saver when you really start to get bigger. I wanted to have one,but not pay a lot of money for it. I was very interested in this Leahco Snoogle pillow, but I wasn’t a fan of the price. So, when I found one through a local facebook group, I decided to buy it used for $20 than new for $55. I know some people are really against a pillow used, so this part is whatever you prefer. I washed the pillow and the case it came in, but...

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DIY Lemon Lara bars

One of my favorite snacks recently has been Larabars, they are very simple with no added preservatives or sweeteners and taste really good. They are pretty pricey to buy at around$1.15+ a bar unless you can find a good deal. I normally just make my own, so below is how I do it.

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My Standing Desk for $50

I have been having weird issues with my back/shoulder. No pain, but I noticed a while ago that one shoulder was higher than the other. We were pretty sure it was from the type of purse I was carrying. So I switched to a messenger/cross body purse so it wouldn’t get worse. Two months ago, I started going once a week to this spine care specialist/chiropractor(all of the hospitals and physical rehab places only refer to him). Anyway, he looked at my shoulder and said it is an easy fix because there is no damage yet,but if I had waited...