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DIY Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Last year for Halloween, we knew that we(as in I) wanted to dress Reese as an Ewok. I already had part of the costume, and so that made me decide to do a whole family Star Wars Theme for our Costumes. I decided this before even knowing that there was another movie coming out. Below are links to the tutorials I followed to make our costumes, and some pictures of the process.

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Sewing Gifts

Before our little one arrives, I wanted to get a few sewing items out of the way so I didn’t have to worry about them later. Also, both of these family members had birthdays before she was due, and I didn’t want them waiting half the year for me to finally get cracking and sew them their stuff. I also had a complete pregnancy brain moment, and forgot to take any pictures of the stuff I made, but both people sent me pictures without me even having to ask which was awesome!

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DIY K’Tan Wrap

When we had to make a baby registry, one of the things I did is ask my sisters about carriers, wraps,etc. My sister ,Kira, has a Ktan wrap, and I was able to wear my niece in it last year when she was just a few months old. I really like the simplicity of the wrap, and I hope that our little one likes it as well.  I also was given a moby wrap and an ergo 360 carrier that I plan to use as well. My biggest issue with the ktan wrap was the cost when we needed so many...

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How to Make a Pregnancy Pillow Cover

I was told that having a pregnancy pillow can be a life saver when you really start to get bigger. I wanted to have one,but not pay a lot of money for it. I was very interested in this Leahco Snoogle pillow, but I wasn’t a fan of the price. So, when I found one through a local facebook group, I decided to buy it used for $20 than new for $55. I know some people are really against a pillow used, so this part is whatever you prefer. I washed the pillow and the case it came in, but...

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Fixing Cuffed Shorts

As the summer approaches, the season of short wearing is approaching. Not as rapidly as I thought, but having a true winter was nice as well. In Austin, we never had 4 true seasons so it was nice seeing snow, and not having to go out in it.