Monthly Archive: August 2008

Some Wedding Pictures 0

Some Wedding Pictures

For those of you who don’t have face book, here are some of the pictures that Kira posted on Face book. Also, in the mix are a few pictures that Grant took with his i phone during our photography session thingy…which I didn’t know he took. So, even though I am not particularly fond of some of the pictures, I figure Grant will be posting them later anyway, so not a battle worth fighting! ;p For all of my Harding friends and family, be relieved, this is definitely sparkling grape juice. Even though my face looks goofy, and it might...

Setting up for the reception 0

Setting up for the reception

Grant and I were so fortunate to have so many different people help with this wedding and reception. It all started out on Friday morning with my dad, Wilson, and Grant helping move the tables and chairs, and Tanya making food and taking care of her daughters to give the rest of us time to do other things. My mom had stayed up the night before sewing my beautiful table runners! In this picture, you can see the bird cage that held our cards, kind of weird, but it grew on me. It also has our guest book there and...

The Church 0

The Church

Here are some pictures of the church that Grant and I got married in. This is the historic Tallmadge Circle church. We were taking pictures during the preparations for someone else’s rehearsal. l



Once in Ohio, there were a lot of things that I still needed to get done. I was just having to plan a small wedding, but it still took a lot of time. Most of the planning things I got done in Arkansas, but summer classes and a wedding can get a little hectic. My teachers were definately cool though because they let me take my classes early. During this summer, Grant has been working at Doc’s Grill and will continue to do that during this following semester. I still needed to make programs and menus which took a lot...

Trip to Ohio 0

Trip to Ohio

As many of you may know, Grant and I had to come to Ohio from Arkansas to see family, and to get married. The trip was pretty boring, but that is sometimes a blessing since nothing bad happened.This was something funny that we saw at a gas station. If you look closely, you can see how the painted line is also on the flat tire. I just got the new breaking dawn book from the twilight series, and I made myself save it for the drive. Since we had a long drive to Ohio, and then a long one for...