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Setting up for the reception

by gswarfield
Grant and I were so fortunate to have so many different people help with this wedding and reception. It all started out on Friday morning with my dad, Wilson, and Grant helping move the tables and chairs, and Tanya making food and taking care of her daughters to give the rest of us time to do other things. My mom had stayed up the night before sewing my beautiful table runners!

In this picture, you can see the bird cage that held our cards, kind of weird, but it grew on me. It also has our guest book there and the picture frame that people signed.

This is what the tables looked like when we were completely done!

Here you can see my mom ironing table cloths which was a tremendous help, and me putting something down.

Me setting more things up. Grant set up a whole bunch too, but I always forget to take pictures, so he isn’t in them which is stupid!

This was later on Friday when I was back at the church putting up the finishing touches.

Me writing out last minute instructions to Mr. and Mrs. Brazle and Katie Ruhl who were HUGE helps with getting all the food ready to be served, and lighting my 200+ tea lights-I’m sure that was fun!

This is the half way process for the beautiful cake that Gail Baked for us, it was sooo yummy! There was also the needed support of Amanda in many different ways whether it was emotional or comical relief. It was a chocolate cake that had cherries in the chocolate mix, and then a layer of cherries in between. It’s funny how it was so good, and I only got one bite. Oh well, maybe when we come back to Ohio there will be some left over!

This picture is slightly out of order, but after decorating for the reception Grant and I saw that car, and we couldn’t help the urge to take a picture. It is a Toyota Avalon with a tree hanging out of both sides of the back windows!

I again wanted to thank all of my family and friends who helped with the tearing down process of everything that was left of the reception! I was trying to make it as easy as possible so it wouldn’t be a huge inconvenience for everyone!

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