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Books 50% off from Half Price Books

by gswarfield

So Half Price Books had a coupon to get 50% off of any one purchase. I am slowly wanting to replace all of my paperback books with Hardbacks, or at least my favorites. Grant was a great sport, and he came with me to two different locations so that I could get these four books in Hardback  for a $15.12 total. I normally preorder books from Amazon, so that I get them on the day they come out, I don’t have to go to the store, and I get them for about 13-15 per book which is way cheaper than the $30+ normal price. I must say, that I am very excited about my finds. Now, there are some books that I probably will have to buy online or from Amazon,but this was a great treat. I would recommend any of the books below. Terry Brooks is my favorite author, and I finally own every single book in hardbacks of his series that I enjoy reading!!! I think I need to buy some sweet book ends for my shelves now that I have more to put on them.

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