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by jrwarfield

I have been working on organizing as much as I can when I am off of work. So my latest project was my kitchen cabinets.

My Cabinets were a mess,but when you just put stuff away so it isn’t in your way, it just happens that way. Mugs are always an issues, so I looked at a whole bunch of different options from mug trees to hanging from underneath the cabinet.

Sorry about the fuzzyness of the pictures, but our camera’s battery was dead. Just random appliances that just make it into our cabinets are sometimes awkward for storage.

Tupperware is always a hassle, so I was lucky to find a single solution for all of these issues at Ikea. Not my favorite look,but the shelves that I ended up using were made of metal where other store’s were plastic, and I just don’t want to mess with them breaking.

Sweet tea supplies,but be organized! ;p

After the shelves, everything cleaned up very well. I still had to stack some of my mugs,but that is because I have too many and am not willing to part with very many.

And again everything so much easier to find. Sigh, I am content.

I finally got under our sink orderly, and I got the “wow” from Grant meaning, finally you are done, and I don’t have to be bothered with it anymore.

I decided to do this to my laundry stuff, and Grant told me he wanted it differently, so we will see how our compromising works out.

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