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Our New Kitchenaid Mixer that made us $40.00!!!!!!!!!

by jrwarfield

So, here is the tale of our KitchenAid Mixer. I grew up with only using a hand mixer, mainly the Braun brand because it is German, and my mom is gung hoe about it. So, the first time I ever saw a KitchenAid mixer in action was when my mother in law Gail was making our wedding cake. Hers was an older model,but it worked great, and I was very impressed. I still had my hand mixer, but we registered for a KitchenAid anyway. Grant’s sister, mom, cousins, and aunts all came together and bought us a 5 quart mixer, and I was so excited.

This is the Mixer that we got in black. I was so excited about using it, and when I started to use it, I was very disappointed. Mine made some weird high pitch noises anytime I had it on. Grant assured me this wasn’t normal, so we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and exchanged it for the same thing no problem. That was mixer #1. So, mixer #2, this mixer worked great until you added any liquids to the dry ingredients. If you did, then it would start a weird grating like you were rubbing metals against each other, only they weren’t. So, back to Bed, Bath, & beyond for us. That was Mixer #2. Then we got the Mixer #3 the replacement. We both had high hopes for this one,but right after we got it, it went into storage while we were looking for jobs. So, it was in there for over a year.  During that time, Grant and I were able to house sit for the Amaros who had a Professional KitchenAid mixer. I used it and fell in love because it had a stronger motor it didn’t have any issues with the thicker doughs.

So, we are finally in our apartment, with our smaller nonprofessional mixer still in the box. I knew that we had discussed exchanging it for the professional series, but it is $100.00 more than the one we had. We figured we should save up, and do this sooner rather than later because otherwise it might never happen. Well, the hand mixer I had was dumb to say the least. It would mess up, I couldn’t make an icing for a cake I wanted to make this week, and that was the last straw. So, I talked to Grant about getting the Professional mixer. We called Amanda(Grant’s Sister) who had the original receipt thinking we would need it for this. She found it, sent it to us, and then we lost it… go figure.

We knew that she had used a 20% off coupon on the purchase and figured we couldn’t use one again when purchasing the mixer, but we decided to go look and give it all a try.

We got to the store, finally picked a color that we liked, “Pearl Metallic,” and went to pay. Since it was on our registry, they looked it up. Then they said it had cost $299.00 which was subtracted from the total amount of $399.00, then they let us use the 20% off coupon which took off $80.00. So our total was about $22.00, but I had a gift card for $25.00 from Christmas from my mother in law Gail which we used. So, we were able to upgrade to the brand new mixer that  I wanted without paying a cent out of pocket. THEN on top of that there was a $40.00 Rebate for this too, and today the 27th was the last day to purchase for this rebate. So, we made $40.00 for the upgrade. This was such a God thing; we didn’t need this new mixer. I mean I needed some form of a mixer, but I could have bought a cheap hand mixer or stuck with the KitchenAid that we already had,but it was definitely so exciting to get what I want without spending money since we are on the don’t spend money budget!

Here is our beautiful Mixer in its new place. I honestly haven’t baked anything with it yet, so I am praying that it works, and I don’t have to mess with exchanging again.

When I had first ever used a KitchenAid mixer, I was dissapointed with the fact that it never mixed well enough. I was having to clean out all the areas with a spatula. Well, now I know that there is a way to adjust it so it goes closer to the bowl and mixes better. So, if you have ever had issues that is something to look into. I am soooooo excited about baking with this, and I will be sure to post whatever fun recipes I come across with my new toy!!!

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Antaly March 29, 2010 - 1:52 pm

Dood, your mixer is sweet. Congrats!

Sarina April 2, 2010 - 12:34 pm

That looks awesome. Great deal too! 🙂


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