Recent Friends of ours

Well we recently came across some friends of ours.  Sadly one had to die!  The first of the two are our friends is named Jerry. Here he is

Then our other friend (Steve) that sadly died…

The First Swing took off a leg…

The second swing took of a little more…

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6 Responses

  1. Mhari says:

    All I can say is YUCK!!! Glad they are not at my house!

  2. Ashley says:


  3. Emily says:

    Yuck – do you eat with that fork?

  4. Sarina says:

    that is just gross…and yeah…you used a kitchen fork…yuck!

  5. Shawn says:

    I know you were using the fork for a reason. Admit it, you love the taste of a good roach. why else would you use a fork? bit of advise they taste even better when they are twitching.

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