Monthly Archive: August 2011

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Office Stuff

As I know I have mentioned before, I got a new job at the end of April, I still cannot believe I have been working her for over four months already! I love my new job! Don’t get me wrong, I really miss all of my friends from my previous job; At Alpha we almost lived on top of each other because there was only so much space, and you really got to know people well. At Westover, everyone has their own offices, I am not complaining as it gives me more freedom to do what I like in there,...

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My Favorite Cupcake Recipe

Lemon Cupcakes Below is one of my favorite cupcake recipes. I have never been a huge cupcake or cake person preferring pies and chocolate bars more. I even had pies as birthday cakes as a child just to show you how much I prefer them, but this recipe has the perfect consistency as well as a nice fluffy inside  which is great. I also love that it is from scratch. I am not a fan of most box mixes other than for brownies, and I am not saying that to sound like someone snooty,I  can just tell the difference. I grew up...

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Amazing Chicken Pot Pie

This is another great favorite recipe of ours, this one takes a little bit more prep work from me than some other recipes. I still think it is very worth it though.  The recipe yields either one normal pie which Grant and I can’t eat fast enough, or 4-8 Ramekin pot pies pictured below.  One ramekin feeds one person perfectly; I usually make 6-8 of them with one recipe depending on how full I fill them. Then I freeze all of the extras before baking in either separate Ziploc bags or one large one.  When ready to eat the frozen ones, just preheat the oven and...

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What I resort to when renting…

I have made previous attempts to organize our kitchen. It is a very small space that just barely fits everything we need, but that could be because I have a lot of kitchen stuff. Anyway, I was getting very annoyed with how everything was looking and functioning under my sink. Or to say the least wasn’t functioning. I can’t drill into my cabinets at all since we are renting, and the cabinets are to thin and cheap to drill into without ruining the fronts, so this is what I had to resort to.

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The one, the only the German Mozzarella Bake

I first had this recipe or something close to it at least at my Aunt Martina’s house when I was living in Germany for about 6 months. This has become a staple dish in Grant’s and my diet. It is such a good recipe that you don’t even notice there isn’t meat in it.  The key ingredient though is the seasoning which is the german version of italian seasoning. It can be purchased from here. It is really expensive from this website,but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else that ships to the USA. We are lucky enough...

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Protein Bars

Grant and I have been trying to eat healthier lately, and this is one of the good recipes that I have found.  The pumpkin protein bar was my remake recipe that I had tweaked, but the others below were taken from here. I hope you enjoy, and on the link provided, Jamie shows you how to prepare with a video if you are confused on anything.