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Chicken Marsala

I actually had never eaten Marsala chicken before, but after hearing about it, and seeing a recipe on I decided to give it a go. Grant is always willing to try anything I make even when it doesn’t turn out,but at least he is okay with me attempting things. This recipe turned out great,┬áso it has made it into our rotation for dinners.

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Gail’s Gouda Stir Fry

As I have mentioned before, whenever Gail comes for a visit we always share recipes. Some she makes for us, and some we make for her. It is so nice to switch things up and eat something new, or make something I haven’t made in a while. Here is one of the dishes she made for us that was a huge hit. I make it at least once a month for us, and we all really like it. *The AMYLU brand sausages we use in this dish are the best ones for it. They don’t know us nor is this...

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Pizza Recipe and Diary Free/Vegan Version Too!

We make homemade pizza on a pretty regular basis because Grant loves pizza, and it is a fast simple dinner. I figured I would do an updated post of how I make my pizza since my last post is pretty old, and I wanted to show a very yummy diary free/Vegan version as well. I made this for my dad who is eating vegan right now, and he really liked it too.

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Cranberry Fluff

Cranberry fluff is a dish that I was first introduced to by Roki, Tanya’s Mother in Law. It is a side dish that she makes at Thanksgiving,but my sister Tanya and I use any excuse to make it since we both really like how it tastes. It is super easy, and you can always leave out certain portions if those don’t appeal to you.

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Fajita Marinade

Fajitas is a dish that never grows old – I always love eating it. Here is one of the fajita marinades that we both really like. I think it would be better with beef, but normally because of the price we stick with chicken. Also, if you have a grill this will probably make it sooo much better tasting,but since we don’t have one we make due.

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Lobster Crock Pot Bisque

Ever since my birthday, I have been wanting to eat some more Lobster Bisque. So I have tried two different recipes that had good reviews, and here is the final version that we like. It is a crock pot dish as well which is always nice.