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Sarah’s Cornbread Dressing

Growing up I was never a huge fan or dressing or stuffing. I ate some at Thanksgiving or holidays when it was served,but it wasn’t the number one thing I looked forward to. I then had Sarah’s cornbread dressing, and I just love the taste of it. I make it now occasionally since it tastes so good. It is also a very simple recipe to make, so that helps as well.

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Menu Week #1

Sorry about the silence lately, we have been having issues with our blog host, and poor Grant has spent hours with “live chat” customer support, and anyone else he can get a hold of. Eventually I think we have it figured out,but wish it hadn’t been such a hassle for him. Oh well. Starting in January, I have been trying to do a better job of not wasting food, not going grocery shopping more than 2 times a week, and having an actual meal plan. It is very easy to make a meal plan,but it actually takes you sitting on...

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Our Favorite Italian Salad Dressing

I grew up very blessed with a mom who could cook amazingly well! Not only was her food yummy, from scratch, but it was also very healthy. I grew up eating one main salad dressing on most of our salads; I don’t think I tasted ranch dressing until high school. Below I show you how simple it is to make this recipe in specific amounts to make it easier since you have never tasted it to be able to make it “to taste.” This dressing can be made with olive oil rather than canola oil,but I prefer the taste of...

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Honey Mustard Salad

Recently, I went to BJ’s Brewhouse with my friends Catherine and Mhari. I normally love salads,but I don’t order them at restaurants. I want something that I can’t make or have at home. This time was an exception. I got their crispy honey mustard salad and was hooked. This salad was soo good,but also so easy to make at home. So below you can find my recipe.