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Jalapeno Poppers

I helped organize a luncheon that had a fiesta theme; at this luncheon we used jalapeños and hatch peppers as decoration on the tables. Once this was over we had over 25 pounds of peppers left. So I gave as many away,but Grant and I still ended up with a pound or two, so this is what I made with them. Grant loved it. It isn’t a hard recipe,but it lots of prep work so set aside at least 30 minutes for it. It is so worth the effort though!

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Protein Bars

Grant and I have been trying to eat healthier lately, and this is one of the good recipes that I have found.  The pumpkin protein bar was my remake recipe that I had tweaked, but the others below were taken from here. I hope you enjoy, and on the link provided, Jamie shows you how to prepare with a video if you are confused on anything.