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Halloween 2016

This year for Halloween, we decided to keep things a little bit more low key. We decided to buy Reese’s costume as well as not have Grant or I dress up since we figured having a newborn was a good enough excuse. Our church has Trunk or Treat, but we ended up skipping because it started past Reese’s bedtime,but we are hoping next year we can make it. Reese’s school had a Halloween program and trick or treating in the school as well so Sebastian and I joined the fun.

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DIY Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Last year for Halloween, we knew that we(as in I) wanted to dress Reese as an Ewok. I already had part of the costume, and so that made me decide to do a whole family Star Wars Theme for our Costumes. I decided this before even knowing that there was another movie coming out. Below are links to the tutorials I followed to make our costumes, and some pictures of the process.

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Harry Potter Cooking Club

In October, it was my turn to host cooking club. This is a fun monthly get together that a few girls from our church and other friends in Huntsville go to. The host can either pick a restaurant to “host” at since a lot of us have younger kids and cleaning your house is more stressful these days, and those who want to attend RSVP, just attend like a girl’s night out. If you as the host decide to host at your house, you can pick a theme if you want, and then you can also pick all of the...

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Lego Costume Construction

Grant and I were invited to a coworker’s Halloween party, and we had nothing to wear….So, Grant found a sweet instructables, and this is what happened. We bought our supplies at Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and Joann Fabrics, but I will try to link as many of our products used online since that is so much easier these days. We started our costumes Friday night right after work until around 1 or 2am, and then all day Saturday from 9:00am to 8:15pm. We were planning on leaving to go to the party at 8:30pm.