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Phone Pad for your Nightstand

If you are a blogger or get a lot of emails and texts, it can be somewhat annoying when you are trying to sleep. Even if you put your phone on silent it might still vibrate; I sometimes drive my husband crazy with this. I finally decided enough was enough. Some people don’t keep their cell phones in their bedrooms,but for those who use them as alarms like we do this is our only option. Here is my tutorial on how to make this pad.

quilt 2

My Imperfect DIY Weekend Quilt

For a while now, I have been eyeing this certain quilt. I am not a huge quilt person mainly because I am not always a fan of the patterns, or especially colors used on them. This is not to degrade the quilts that others make because an incredible amount of time, effort, and design go into those blankets. I grew up with my great grandma, grandma, and mom making an amazing amount of quilts among other crafty things from sewing, mending, crocheting,  knitting, etc. I made my first mini quilt which was for my fifth grade class. I was sick...

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Christmas in July

A lot of the blogs that I read have been doing a feature on Christmas in July, and this might sound kind of crazy,but if you are planning on making gifts, this is a great time to start thinking about what you want to make and for whom, etc. This project that I will show, is actually for me, and one that I didn’t get finished around Christmas time last year.

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How to Resize an Existing Pillow Cover

When I was younger, my mom bought me these two black and white pillows for my room. I loved black, white, and red in almost everything and really haven’t changed. I still love the pillow cases, but was never happy with the actual feather pillows inside. They were VERY prickly since I am assuming there wasn’t a lot of down inside. I decided to donate the insides and keep the pillow case cover especially since it was nice sturdy fabric as well as had a nice zipper on the bottom of the cases. My next issue was that these pillow cases were a custom size that...