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SalisburySteak 1

Keto Salisbury Steak

I always get recipe inspiration from all of the other great blogs that I read. The Pioneer Woman’s blog ALWAYS has amazing recipes, and the other day I realized that salisbury steak could easily be made into a Keto friendly recipe. If you want to make the non-Keto version just click HERE.┬áHer blog has the recipe written out and much better step by step instructions than mine,but since hers isn’t Keto, I decided to give it a try.

Tacos 3

Keto Fish or Shrimp Tacos

So while living in Austin, TX I learned to love and crave some fish or shrimp Tacos. I really liked Torchy’s Baja Shrimp taco, but had some Tilapia Fillets to use up so I found a copy cat recipe online and decided to make it more Keto. This is a higher carb meal if you eat it with low carb tortillas, but could make your own, but we had a lot of carbs left over for dinner. Below is how I made them, they are a little more work,but boy are they amazing!

KetoBurger 1

Keto Burgers

Grant and I don’t got out to eat much,but we do have a special place in our hearts for a good burger. While living in Austin, TX we LOVED Dan’s Hamburgers, but here that is not an option. Since we are still eating KETO, we have enjoyed Five Guys Burger and Frys especially since they have a really nice set up for a bunless burger where they give you TONS of toppings and a nice dish so you can easily eat it with a fork and knife. So I had a hankering for some Five Guys but decided to make...

CornDog 5

KETO Corndogs

I have always been a sucker for corn dogs. They are one of those things that are super gross,but I still love them in the deepest, darkest part of my heart. So when someone posted on the Keto Recipes Reddit THIS recipe I was intrigued. It looks really good,but I didn’t have any of the unflavored gelatin or beef broth at the time. I am sure this recipe is great because all of hers are, but I was in the mood for an almond flour based recipe.

GreenBeanBundles 0

KETO Green Bean Bundles

Here is a dish that my Cousin’s Wife, Sarah, made that is simply amazing! Here is the Keto version that I made of the green bean bundles. You have a few different ways to make it depending on how low carb you want it, and they are all delicious!

Donuts 7

Keto Coconut Baked Donuts!

I found this recipe online HERE, and decided to do a picture tutorial for it since it tasted so good! This recipe can be made into muffins, cupcakes, or donuts. I happened to have a donut pan that I won in a giveaway, so I figured it was time to use it!