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Austin Visit and my Harry Potter Baby Shower

So in the beginning of January, in the middle of trying to buy our house, I got to go visit Austin. We had my tickets bought for a while, so the timing wasn’t the best for the house stuff, but Grant managed to handle doing most of the stuff without me. Our realtor said he seemed more frazzled since I prefer to handle most detailed planning things,but he did a great job! This was my first visit to Austin in 2 YEARS which is insane to say,but boy did I love being back and getting to see so many friends...

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Diagonal Color Block Shirts

Oh Pinterest, you give so many ideas, but often I never do anything with them! I love trying new recipes, crafts, sewing ideas, etc. Of course, it is easy on pinterest to pin things and never make them. I recently have been seeing a trend with color blocking where for instance you have a top half of a dress a bright blue and the bottom a black or something along those lines. I have seen it done tastefully a few times, but most of the time if just looks weird or makes the person look top heavy or bottom heavy....