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Jucy’s Review

by jrwarfield

On the way home from Simon and Sarah’s Wedding, we were hungry and wanted a hole in the wall kind of good. We looked on Yelp, and found that the nearest city was Marshall, TX. We also saw that it had a “Jucy’s.” We have never been here before, but it had great reviews and decided to give it a try.

Here is the outside.

Here is the sign, and if you look straight ahead you can see the main road we were driving on anyway, so it was nice that it wasn’t out of the way.

The only unfortunate thing is we came during a lunch rush on a Monday morning,but it was still really good food.

Julia got a BLT which was really good, Grant got a burger, don’t remember which kind. I loved that you could get a 1/4 lb. burger which was a junior, and I could just barley finish that one.

Here is where you order.I would recommend this to anyone, and I guess they have more than one location. * I am not getting paid to advertise for them, just a great place to stop.*


On the way home, we had fun laughing at how Jason was sleeping. We drove my mama and Jason to Houston. Here you see mama on the phone. It seemed like shew as never off of it because everyone kept calling her.

On the way home from Houston, since we still had to make it back to Austin, my car hit 150,000 miles… WOW. IT was a great trip,but boy were we ready to be home and not traveling.

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