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3 Year Anniversary

by jrwarfield

Grant and I recently had our 3 year anniversary, it is crazy to think that we have been married that long. We normally don’t buy each other gifts and just spend time with each other and do things nice for each other, but somehow we ended up doing a little bit more so that was a fun unplanned thing.

I made Grant the card above, and I bought him a bag of skittles with my allowance. Grant loves twizzlers, skittles, starburst,etc.

I also made Grant some of his favorite Yeast Raisin Bread.

I have been line drying my clothes for over a month or two now, and Grant hung up a second clothes line for me.

Here is how they are attached.

Here it shows how the tension can be adjusted. It has saved us over 20 dollars last month.

Grant made me this collage when I turned 18, and he hung it for me which made me really happy.

Here you can see it hung up, and another plus is that it covers our smoke alarm.

He also bought me these peanut butter cups that are amazing. They are better than reeses anyday because they are grainy and dry,but smooth and more moist. Anyway, I love these.

He also bought me some flowers which were very beautiful too!

I am so glad that Grant and I are and have been married! We have been blessed more than we deserve, and I am so grateful. We also ended up having a gift card, and went out to chilis about a month later. We just weren’t the mood to go out that week, and had plans every other weekend for a while after that. I have no idea where our lives will take us,but I am excited to see what is coming. I love you Grant and am glad that I can share my life with you…thanks for putting up with me. 🙂

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Simon September 18, 2011 - 6:58 pm

Isn’t the point of a smoke alarm to be exposed to potential smoke?

jrwarfield September 18, 2011 - 6:59 pm

It is still exposed,but more hidden from view ;p

Simon September 19, 2011 - 2:42 pm



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